Thursday, April 26, 2012


This year for Easter the menu didn't include lamb.  We did, however, have some of the cuties lamb cupcakes.  Made by a shy member of the Foster Family, they were a hit with young and old alike!!  They are easy enough to do, just frost as normal and embellish with marshmallows.

The early spring has sheep out grazing here much earlier than normal.  Thanks to Liz and Jason!!


Thanks to the generosity of Karen and Bob our sheep will be traveling to The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in style.  

We are taking 5 yearling ewes and a bunch of lambs.  I have sheep for sale that will be traveling with us, and I have more for sale that won't be taking the drive with us.  If your interested in any Romney Lambs, we were blessed with some beauties!!!!

Thanks for checking back to this blog.  I know its been a while, but life is giving us a run for our money right now.  We are fighting back, will lots of help from friends, neighbors and customers!!  We hope to have life back to normal here real soon.  In the meantime, thanks for the patience.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Weather!!


This weather is crazy!!  This is a picture from this blog a year ago, hard to believe that right now I have daffodils up and budded!  Won't it be great if we have our own daffodils for the first day of spring!!

In The Yarn Shop I have been busy spinning and knitting.  The guild met last week, what a great time I had.  What a talented group of people, they inspire me soooo much.  Today I hope to finish spinning the merino/bamboo/silk that I have on the wheel.  It is only 4 ounces, I am spinning it rather fine so I am hoping for a lot of yardage.

A group of us are working on the mystery shawl by Jen Lucas.  My has taken a terrible turn.  It has a twisted edge that I am thinking about taking out, or will probably take out,  or I will have to take out, maybe.

In the barn the lambs are growing like crazy!!  I need some names that begin with "O".  My naming program is to start each name with the same first letter of his/her mother.  Osie had Olive in 2010, in 2011 she had Opal and Olivia, this year she has triplet ewe lambs.  I need 3 names that begin with "O"  any ideas??